Thrombus Tools

Thrombus Tools




Thrombus Tools consists on a set of prototypes built on CreaTools framework, allowing the execution of the pipeline of applications (medical image pre-processing, vessel and aneurysm segmentation, virtual stent deployment, among others) dedicated to the study of intra-cranial aneurysms in the Thrombus project. This study is partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (grant agreement No. 269966).




One of the main objectives of Thrombus' Work Package 5 (leaded by COVALIA and CREATIS partners) is to connect the software components that support the construction of a validated multiscale model of thrombosis. This work will provide the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) community with software tools and numerical models that help in the decision-making process when a flow-diverter should be deployed in the patient. Accordingly, this website provides the installers and the manual to run the pipeline of applications.

Pipeline of Applications


Technical Requirements



  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7, 32/64 bits
  • Memory RAM: 2.0 GiB
  • Minimum free disk space: 5 GiB


Note: The pipeline of application has been conceived to be used with the collaborative online system, Covotem (TM). In order to run the applications independently, please follow CreaTools guidelines in order to change the bbg/bbs scripts.



ThrombusTools v1.0

NameDescriptionLinkSize (MiB)Date
ThrombusTools PrototypesPrototypes that allows to launch the pipeline of applications.ThrombusTools_v1_0.zip5.5Apr-2014
Manual to run the tools included in the pipeline of applications.ThrombusToolsManual_v1_0.pdf2.0Apr-2014
ThrombusTools ExamplesExamples to launch the pipeline locally with some sample data.ThrombusTools_Examples_v1_0.zip264Apr-2014


Note: The data given as example makes part of Thrombus project database. Please consider adding acknowledgements if it is used in a new study. 


Project director

Lead software engineer 

Advanced scientific algorithms

Software developpers

  • Eduardo DávilaDAVI-12b
  • Juan Gabriel Riveros Reyes
  • Julien Vouillot
  • Yann Sagon
  • Lisa Barocco