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Zara ALAVERDYAN is a third-year PhD student under the supervision of Carole LARTIZIEN. Her PhD thesis involves developing and applying machine learning methods for feature extraction in the context of voxel-level outlier detection on medical scans. The specific application is epilepsy detection on T1/FLAIR magnetic reasonance images. Her research interests include outlier detection, unsupervised learning, deep learning in unsupervised contexts.

Z. ALAVERDYAN holds a BSc degree from Yerevan State University in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. She then joind a highly selective international Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DMKM) Master's program. Her Master's internship took place at Technicolor in Rennes, France concluding with a thesis on Linguistic Analysis of Social Networks.


MSc, Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Polytech Nantes/Universite Lyon 2, 2013-2015

BSc, Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Yerevan State University, 2008-2012


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