BE Biomedical Imaging



Deadline (by email to 10/02/2017 23:59


EXTENDED: 17/02/2017 23:59




1. Labs should be done in group of two or individually. 2. Reports are to be written in English. 3. You may use any resources you like: web, me, each other, other teachers, …; do not hesitate to ask me questions, either during the sessions or by e-mail (I will do my best to give timely responses). 4. Plagiarism, however, is forbidden (e.g., identical code or text between groups, code or text copied from the web, code or text copied from previous years students, …). 5. Roughly 50 % of the questions have to be answered correctly to pass. 6. All questions answered correctly gives the grade 18 7. Access to grades 19 and 20 requires contributions that go beyond the minimum required (several questions are open-ended; and yes, 19s and 20s have been awarded every year so far). 8. Failure to meet the deadline without prior notice results in an automatic -2 penalty on the grade (you can imagine it like missing the deadline for a conference contribution). Exceptionally, requests for extension of the deadline can be made by email and will be considered on an individual basis. 9. Only print the assignments if you really have to. 10. My intention is that these assignments should be interesting and fun. Do not hesitate to give me suggestions how they can be improved, notify me of any errors, or, as stated above, email me if you have questions. Good luck!