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Conference Paper

  1. [BASA-11b]A. Basarab, Vidal, F., Abbal, R., Delachartre, P., Vayssiere, C., Léguevaque, P., et Kouamé, D., « Motion estimation in ultrasound imaging applied to the diagnostic of pelvic floor disorders », in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference (EMBC 2011), Boston, USA, 30/08/2011-03/09/2011, 2011, p. 8058 - 8061.

Invited Conference

  1. [LIEB-12a]H. Liebgott, Basarab, A., Kouamé, D., Bernard, O., et Friboulet, D., « Compressive sensing in medical ultrasound », IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS). Dresden (Germany), p. 1-6, 2012.