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  1. [DIAR-14]B. Diarra, Robini, M., Roux, E., Tortoli, P., Liebgott, H., et Cachard, C., « Optimization of free-moving elements in 2D ultrasound sparse arrays », in IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2014, p. 2189–2192.
  2. [DIAR-11]B. Diarra, Liebgott, H., Tortoli, P., et Cachard, C., « 2D matrix array optimization by simulated annealing for 3D hepatic imaging », in IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Orlando, Florida,USA, 2011, p. 1595-1598.


  1. [DIAR-13c]B. Diarra, « Study and optimization of 2D matrix arrays for 3D ultrasound imaging », UCB Lyon1 and University of Florence, 2013.
    Jury: J.P. Thiran (Pdt), J. Mars (Rap), A. Trucco (Rap), N. Speciale, C. Cachard (co-Dir), H. Liebgott (co-Dir), P. Tortoli (co-Dir)
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