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Conference Paper

  1. [DUPU-03c]D. Dupuich, Berthezène, Y., Clouet, P. L., Stupar, V., Canet, E., et Crémillieux, Y., « Dynamic 3He Imaging for Quantification of Regional Lung Ventilation Parameters », in 11th International Meeting of the Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Toronto, Canada, 2003, p. (in-press).
  2. [DUPU-02]D. Dupuich, Berthezène, Y., Stupar, V., Clouet, P. L., Canet, E., et Crémillieux, Y., « Dynamic Helium3 imaging for regional lung ventilation parameters quantification », in 19th annual meeting of the European society for magnetic resonance in medicine and biology, Cannes, France, 2002, p. (in-press).