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  1. [ZHAO-13c]Y. Zhao, Cachard, C., et Liebgott, H., « A New Automatically Biopsy Needle Tracking Method Using 3D Ultrasound », in IEEE-International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), Prague, Czech Republic, 2013.
  2. [Zhao-12]Y. Zhao, Liebgott, H., et Cachard, C., « Tracking micro tool in a dynamic 3D ultrasound situation using Kalman filter and RANSAC algorithm », in ISBI - International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Barcelona, Spain., 2012, p. 1076-1079.


  1. [ZHAO-14]Y. Zhao, « Biopsy Needles Localization and Tracking Methods in 3D Medical Ultrasound with ROI-RANSAC-KALMAN », 2014.
    Jury: L. Sarry (Pdt), J.M. Girault (Rap), P. Haigron (Rap), D. Vray, C. Cachard (co-Dir), H. Liebgott (co-Dir)