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Conference Paper

  1. [ZHAN-15]Y. Zhang, Malaspinas, O., Latt, J., Zouaoui Boudjeltia, K., Chopard, B., et Courbebaisse, G., « A New Thrombosis Formation Model », in ESMC 2015, European Solid Mechanics Conference, Modelling and Simulation of Aneurysms Mechanisms, Madrid, Spain, 2015.
  2. [COUR-06b]G. Courbebaisse, Malaspinas, O., et Deville, M., « An emergent technique towards the simulation of complex phenomena », in Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics - DSFD2006, Geneva, Switzerland, 2006, p. CD.

Invited Conference

  1. [COUR-12]G. Courbebaisse, Latt, J., Malaspinas, O., Orkisz, M., et Chopard, B., « Blood flow simulation within Stented Intracranial Aneurysm », ICFD 2012, Ninth International Conference on Flow Dynamics. Sendai, Japan, 2012.
  2. [COUR-06c]G. Courbebaisse, Malaspinas, O., et Deville, M., « Lattice Boltzmann method and numerical simulation of complex fluids », Workshop Psi-k COST P19, Multiscale modelling of extended defects and phase transformations at materials interfaces. Wroclaw, Poland, 2006.