CREATIS Laboratory || INSA Lyon-France



This software is a computer program whose purpose is to evaluate the performance of different level-set based segmentation algorithms in the context of image processing (and more particularly on biomedical images). The software has been designed for two main purposes.

Firstly, CREASEG allows you to use six different level-set methods. These methods have been chosen in order to work with a wide range of level-sets. You can select for instance classical methods such as Caselles or Chan & Vese level-set, or more recent approaches such as the one developped by Lankton or Bernard.

Finally, the software allows you to compare the performance of the six level-set methods on different images. The performance can be evaluated either visually, or from measurements (either using the Dice coefficient, the PSNR value, the Hausdorff distance or the MSSD measure) between a reference and the results of the segmentation.