CREATIS Laboratory || INSA France-Lyon



Signal and image processing applied in the field of medical imaging.


2013-14 One year grant from CNRS institute (Délégation CNRS) to perform research on the topic of ultrafast ultrasound imaging.
2013-14 Invited professor at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (J.P. Thiran's laboratory), Switzerland.
2008 Special Mention (2nd prize) for best Ph.D. in France awarded by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.
2007 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Post-Doctoral Fellowship in computer science at the Biomedical Imaging Group Laboratory. Project: "Optimized noisy image segmentation using B-spline level-set framework".
2003-06 Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), France. Ph.D. in computer science at the CREATIS-LRMN Laboratory. Thesis: "Segmentation in echocardiographic imaging using parametric level set model driven by the statistics of the radiofrequency signal".
2002-03 Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), France. M.S. in computer science, with honor. Thesis: "Multiresolution and multiparametric segmentation method for ultrasound imaging".
1998-03 Institut National des Sciences Appliquees (INSA), France. B.S. in electrical engineering.


2012-2016 Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Journal for four years
2013 Associate Editor of the IEEE ISBI and IEEE ICIP conferences.
2009-2013 Systems and Signals Master of Research, Lyon, France. Person in charge of the Systems and Signals branch of the EEAP Master of Research (Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automatism, Process).
2007-.. CREATIS, Lyon, France. Associate Professor (Maitre de Conferences) at the INSA engineering school belonging to the University of Lyon.
  1. Development of signal and image techniques dedicated to medical image processing.
2006-07 Universite Claude Bernard (UCBL), Villeurbanne, France. Professor Assistant (attache temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche), electrical and informatics specialities.
2004-06 CREATIS-LRMN, Lyon, France. Ph.D. Research Assistant.
  1. Statistical modeling of radio-frequency signal.
  2. Development of a new level-set segmentation model from Radial Basis Function parametrization.
  3. 2D+t segmentation of ultrasound image sequences.
2003 Cardiac Imaging Research, Leuven, Belgium. Visiting scientist. Statistical modeling of ultrasound signal. Development of a new ultrasound physical model called KRF.
2002 AGILIS Communication Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore. Informatics internship. Conception of modulator/demodulator communication interfaces.


Expertise in: Medical imaging and computer science.
Experience in: C, C++, Javascript, Matlab.
Language: French: native language. English: fluent.