Email : sebastien.valette(at)
Phone : (+33) 4 72 43 71 47
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Bâtiment Blaise Pascal
7 Avenue Jean Capelle
69621 Villeurbanne CEDEX
I received in 1998 the engineering degree (Electrical Engineering) and in 2002 the Ph.D degree (Image Processing), both from the National Institute for Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA-Lyon, France). I am a permanent CNRS researcher since 2005. I defended my HDR in 2019

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Data Compression

I have contributed to data compression, especially for 3D triangular meshes

Digital Geometry Processing

My main contributions to this field are related to mesh generation

Medical Image Processing

There is a huge quantity of medical images in hospitals. I develop methods to efficiently analyse large 3D image sets, while preserving patient anonymity

Graphic Web Applications

Web technologies (especially Javascript) allow to efficiently develop applications for both the Internet and the desktop.

Open Source Software


Robust remeshing via Approximate Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams


DESK Exposing Server Kit : A framework for web-based medical image display and processing. Can sit on top of node.js for web applications, as well as electron.js and nw.js for desktop applications.


An education-oriented viewer for medical images. Based on DESK


Wavelet-based progressive compression of triangle meshes

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