Sébastien Valette

Full-time Researcher (HDR)




I am a permanent CNRS researcher at CREATIS since 2005. I defended my Accreditation To Supervise Research (HDR) in 2019.

Since September 2019, I am an elected member of the CoNRS (section 7).

My research activities include data compression, geometry processing (mostly mesh generation), and medical image processing (segmentation and registration). I have published in several top rank journals (IEEE TVCG, IEEE TIP, IEEE TMI) and my works have been presented at several selective international conferences (Eurographics, SGP, SMI). I am also a contributor to open science, providing the source code for several of my papers on github (ACVD, DESK, FROG, Wavemesh).


  • Geometry Processing
  • Image processing
  • Data compression
  • Medical image analysis


  • Habilitation à Diriger de Recherches, 2019


  • PhD in Image and Geometry Processing, 2002


  • Electrical Engineering, 1998



Digital Geometry Processing

My main contributions to this field are related to mesh generation

Medical Image Processing

There is a huge quantity of medical images in hospitals. I develop methods to efficiently analyse large 3D image sets, while preserving patient anonymity

Data Compression

I have contributed to data compression, especially for 3D triangular meshes

HTML5 Web Applications

Web technologies (especially Javascript) allow to efficiently develop applications for both the Internet and the desktop

Projects /



Towards Open processing of PACS data.


Fast Registration Of image Groups.


Robust remeshing via Approximate Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams.


DESK Exposing Server Kit, a framework for web-based medical image display and processing.


3D medical image viewer for education


Multiresolution analysis of 3D triangular meshes and application to compression

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Thermal behavior of Pd@SiO 2 nanostructures in various gas environments: a combined 3D and in situ TEM approach

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