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Purpose and context

We propose a web-accessible image visualization and processing framework well-suited for medical applications. Exploiting client-side HTML5 and WebGL technologies, our proposal allows the end-user to efficiently browse and visualize volumic images in an Out-Of-Core (OOC) manner, annotate and apply server-side image processing algorithms and interactively visualize 3D medical models. Server-side implementation is driven by a file-based, simple, robust and flexible Remote Procedure Call (RPC) scheme well suited for heterogeneous applications. We demonstrate the efficiency of our approach with both an interactive medical image segmentation and a 3D rendering of segmented anatomical structures. As a secondary contribution, we improve the segmentation algorithm with the introduction of user-defined anatomical priors.

(old) Video demo

Interactive demos

Click here to try a live generic demonstration

Click here to try an example of big data registration (200 CT volumes)


Source Code

Our programm makes extensive use of javascript. The most important libraries we use are :

Source code is available here on github . This code is published under the CECILL-B license (BSD-compatible) © CNRS, INSA-Lyon, UCBL, INSERM.