EduAnat2 snapshot

Purpose and context

EduAnat2 allows easy visualization of medical images, ideal for teaching life sciences at school. Based on qooxdoo, DESK and electron.js, Eduanat2 has been developed with ease of use as a primary objective, in cooperation with the French Institute for Education (IFE). EduAnat2 is also referred to in several other sites : on the website of Nice academy and the Café pédagogique


This projected recieved financial support from two LABEXs:

Online version

We have recently created an online version of EduAnat2, accessible here:

with this version, 3D medical images can be automatically loaded, like this example here

Binary Executable Download

Click here to download or get more info on the software.


  • Rémi Agier remi( at )
  • Sandrine Beaudin
  • Julien Cartier
  • Philippe Cosentino
  • Philippe Daubias
  • Françoise Morel-Deville
  • Emmanuel Seiglan
  • Catherine Simand
  • Sébastien Valette sebastien.valette( at )

Source code

Source code is available here on github. This code is published under the CECILL-B license (BSD-compatible)