Purpose and context

The ANR-funded TOPACS project proposes to investigate full-body computational anatomy, through the analysis of a large set of 3D CT and MRI scans (more than 10000 individuals) stored in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) of partner hospitals. As 3D scans provide volumetric information, it is possible to take into account inner organs and gather significantly more information than by considering only the outer body envelope. First applications will focus on Forensic Science, such as the determination of age and sex of unknown individuals.

Project Members


  • Sébastien Valette (Project Leader)
  • Razmig Kéchichian
  • Laurent Fanton

Institut Pascal

  • Adrien Bartoli


  • Fabrice Heitz
  • Vincent Noblet
  • Sylvain Faisan


  • Michel Desvignes


  • Raphaëlle Chaine
  • Julie Digne


  • Tony Fracasso

Publications resulting from the project