Creatools creaImageIO library

creaImageIO XXXED is a library dedicated to manage and index medical images (many formats supported : DICOM, jpeg, mhd, US, own formats...).

In particular, it provides a high level widget called Gimmick! (Give me my medical images quick!) which reads standard image formats (jpg,tif,...) and medical ones (mhd,hdr,DICOM) and allows to organize images into different trees (the usual and by default is DICOM tree: patient |_ series |_images) which are stored in SQL databases hence can be retrieved quick. A previewer allows to display the selected files.A bbtk package is naturally provided.


USER: creaImageIO documentation

DEVELOPER:  Doxygen documentation


Downloadstable version

Feature requestsOld Features

  • Indexation of medical images in different formats (DICOM, jpeg, tiff, MHD, US,...)
  • Database Management
  • Vizualisation of selected images
  • Data Sort

New Features

  • Database synchronization
  • Listen to a specific port (DVD reader or USB port)
  • Create own description
  • Edit specific values

Future Features

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