3rd VPH NOE Workshop

on Toolkit Hands-on TrainingMedical Imaging Toolkit:

Medical Imaging Processing Tools & Interoperability


22-24 October 2012





Following the success of the two previous editions, CREATIS invites you to the next edition of Toolkit Hand-on Training focused on Interoperability of Medical Imaging Processing Tools. The third workshop will expose the advances (and beyond) in interoperability with the presence of INRIA (med.inria.com) and UPF (www.gimias.org) teams, partners in VPH imaging subgroup.




  • Have a complete overview of new and future interoperability emerging initiatives (national, European, international), with a variety of approaches to overcome interoperability issues.
  • Highlight the previous success stories and the remaining bottlenecks.
  1. Help the medical image community to solve practical processing problems using  intensive hands-on sessions, eventually linked to interoperability issues.
  1. Create a benchmark to assess tools interoperability.
  1. Prepare the future.


  • Teams, Researchers and Engineers developing imaging algorithms.
  • Academics and Industrials looking for algorithms to integrate within their software or workflows.
  • People wishing to share their tools to foster successful research.
  • People aiming at creating a common and generic API and to benchmark their algorithms.


Where          CREATIS (www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr) in LYON, France



Frederic Cervenansky (frederic.cervenansky@creatis.insa-lyon.fr)

Denis Friboulet (denis.friboulet@creatis.insa-lyon)