CreaTools Getting Started

After downloading and installing the CreaTools, you will have access to a set of tools available

- on Linux/Unix and MacOS, open a terminal, change directory to the installation place and execute bash ./

- on Windows, in the Start Menu -> creaTools -> creaTools Menu  


For more specific and detailed information, please check one of the links below according to the usage you plan to make of the CreaTools:

-A. Final Users Getting Started. CreaTools End Users have access to image tools for image visualisation and processing (filtering, segmentation, etc.)

-B. Developer Users Getting Started. CreaTools developers can be script, package or library developers.

Script developers

Script developers only use the black box scripting (bbs) language in order to 'assembly' pipeline applications based on existing components (Atomic or Complex BlackBoxes). The bbs applications they produce are therefore .bbs scripts which are interpreted and executed by the black box interpreter (bbi). For more information on bbs and bbi see the developer tools section.

Package developers

Package developers use libraries like wx, vtk, itk, etc. in order to produce Atomic BlackBoxes and CreaTools packages.

Atomic BlackBoxes can be either written directly in C++ or 'described' using XML. The XML description is the encapsulation of a C++ class which is interpreted by 'bbfy' (a developer tool) and automatically transformed in the corresponding C++ code.

Library developers

Library developers write their code in C++, potentially using wx, vtk, itk, etc.

Even if their developments are independent from the CreaTools, they can (should as far as Creatis members are concerned) build and manage their project with creaNewProject. creaNewProject is a developer tool which generates a 'clean' and portable environment using CMake.