CreaTools Overview

The CreaTools software is a framework for both end-users and developers. It provides on the one hand ready-to-use medical image processing applications and on the other hand components, libraries and a development/execution framework allowing you to create your own applications. This is a very simplistic representation of the system:


End-users, the ready-to-use applications (image tools) will give you the possibility to visualize images, filter them or contour regions of interests with only a few clicks.

Developers, using the developer tools and the existing libraries you can

  • easily create your own pipeline applications with the CreaTools scripting language (bbs) and based on the existing ready-to-use components (script developers)
  • develop your own CreaTools packages and even participate to the CreaTools development (package developers)
  • manage all your developement projects (be it CreaTools or not) based on the CMake philosophy (library developers)