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 Welcome to the CreaTools home page!

The CreaTools are a suite of medical image processing and visualization software and development tools. They are developed by CREATIS, a research unit with extensive experience in the medical image processing field. The CreaTools are open-source (read the license) and cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX).

The CreaTools are a set of tools designed to meet both the needs of the end-users (physicians, students or researchers) and of the developers. Therefore the CreaTools provide:

- Ready-to-use end-user applications (image tools) for medical image visualization and processing (filtering, contouring, etc.)

- A development environment (developer tools) allowing

- students and researchers to easily create their own applications based on the existing components

- developers to manage their projects, develop new modules and even participate to the CreaTools development

- Ready-to-use components, as well as high and low level libraries that you can use in your own developments

The CreaTools are referenced by the project PLUME-FEATHER









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