Developed or contributed by info-dev

CreaTools : Suite of open-source software tools (librairies, utilities, end-user applications...) developed by CREATIS, as well as third-party librairies recommended and pre-compiled, for quick prototyping of medical image analysis applications

ELAVISU : Imaging software for soft tissue elasticity estimation from ultrasonic images, or elastography

GateLab : End-user application allowing researchers to easily execute GATE on a computing grid (EGEE). It consists of a web server based on Moteur and of a Java client using VBrowser as GUI for the logic catalog (LFC) of the EGEE grid.

MARACAS : (MAgnetic Resonance Angiography Computer Assisted analysiS) an interactive software for visualization and analysis of blood vessels in 3D MRA, providing automatic quantification of the arterial stenoses, distributed by MedaSys

OncoPET_DB : data-base of simulated oncologic 3D PET images [18F] (whole body, lymphoma)

Other developments by CREATIS or contributed by its researchers

ACVD : Surface Mesh Coarsening and Resampling

CREASEG : Matlab-based software platform for the evaluation of different level-set based segmentation algorithms in the context of image processing (and more particularly on biomedical images)

InTAG : Software to calculate, display and analyze myocardial strains and intra-myocardial mechanics from cardiac MR images with a tagging pattern. After prototyping in Matlab, now available as plugin in OsiriX

jMRUI : Graphical User Interface that allows MR spectroscopists to easily perform time-domain analysis of in vivo MR data: 1D spectra, time-series and 3D-MRSI datasets.  (see project site)

SIMRI : Magnetic Resonance Imaging simulator

VV : Open-source and cross-platform image viewer, designed for fast and simple spatio-temporal images visualization : 2D, 2D+t, 3D and 3D+t (or 4D) images. It is more specifically designed for qualitative evaluation of images registration and deformation field visualization. It also contains several tools for comparing images using transparency or fusion, visualizing vector fields and defining landmarks.

GATE : Software for Monte-Carlo simulation in nuclear imaging, based on Geant4. Within the framework of ANR fGate, we actively participate in the new version V6 of the software GATE developed in international collaboration OpenGate. Our contribution consists in extending the application field of GATE to radiotherapy and hadrontherapy.

WAVEMESH : Progressive compression of 3D triangular meshes