creaTools projects




Thrombus (European project)

Intra cranial STENT deployment using CreaTools development tools, the Right generalized Cylinder Model and PyFormex interlacing logic to develop a geometrically correct deformed STENT. More info available at

Manager: Guy Courbebaisse (équipe 1), Creatis, 2014.

CreaCoro : Visualization of Anomaly Detection within Coronary Arteries

This project aims at the visualization of detected anomalies within coronary arteries.

Managers: Maciej Orkisz (équipe 1), Marcela Hernandez (Uniandes), Creatis, 2013.

Tensor / vector / fiber visualization




Bronchial tubes segmentation


Manual rigid registration


Aortic movement analysis

- Segmentation of aorta contour: Manual interaction with CT images for segmenting the aorta by selecting points in the 3D space along the lumen, removing the outside information, followed by interactive threshold segmentation.

- Visualization of aortic wall motion field: A motion field computed from 4D CT images is displayed at the edge of the aortic lumen and motion vectors where color code indicates orientation, or as a 3D surface where the color code represents the amplitude of motion.

Manager: Monica Sigovan (équipe 1), Patrick Clarysse (équipe 1), Creatis, 2014.

Fibers navigation


Heart fibre orientation

High Resolution Extraction of Local Human Cardiac Fibre Orientations. Publication details.

Manager: François Varray (équipe 3), Creatis, 2013.


3D viewer


Vessel segmentation


Mesh deformation

Interactive 3D object deformation using CreaTools development tools. The deformation uses "soft selection" and Euclidean distance and allows multiple HCI devices: mouse, wii, 3D tracker, etc.

Manager: Elena Ovreiu (équipe 2), Creatis, 2012.

2D Layers Paint

Manual fixing of abdominal grease segmentation (collaboration with Andes University - Colombia).

Manager: Marcela Hernandez (Uniandes).

4D visualization of brain tumors


Lung segmentation

Manual interaction with medical images for correction and a proposed a virtual reality interface for the selection of points in the 3D space.

Manager: Maciej Orkisz (équipe 1), Creatis, 2012.

Coral analysis

Manager: Maciej Orkisz (équipe 1), Alfredo Morales, Marcela Hernandez Creatis - Uniandes 2012

Osteoporosis analysis