Microscopy simulation software on VIP.


Robust remeshing via Approximate Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams


Software projects documentation with Git or CVS.


Matlab-based software platform for the evaluation of different level-set based segmentation algorithms in the context of image processing (and more particularly on biomedical images)


DESK Exposing Server Kit : A framework for web-based medical image display and processing. Can sit on top of node.js for web applications, as well as electron.js and nw.js for desktop applications.


Imaging software for soft tissue elasticity estimation from ultrasonic images, or elastography


Software to calculate, display and analyze myocardial strains and intra-myocardial mechanics from cardiac MR images with a tagging pattern. After prototyping in Matlab, now available as plugin in OsiriX


Graphical User Interface that allows MR spectroscopists to easily perform time-domain analysis of in vivo MR data: 1D spectra, time-series and 3D-MRSI datasets (see project website)


Website giving access to a data-base of simulated oncologic 3D PET images [18F] (whole body, lymphoma)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging simulator


Simple and accurate analysis of ultrasound carotid artery images


Open-source and cross-platform image viewer, designed for fast and simple spatio-temporal images visualization : 2D, 2D+t, 3D and 3D+t (or 4D) images. It is more specifically designed for qualitative evaluation of images registration and deformation field visualization. It also contains several tools for comparing images using transparency or fusion, visualizing vector fields and defining landmarks.

Application porting on grid

Medical image application porting and execution on the EGEE Grid


Software for Monte-Carlo simulation in nuclear imaging, based on Geant4. Within the framework of ANR fGate, we actively participate in the new version V6 of the software GATE developed in international collaboration OpenGate. Our contribution consists in extending the application field of GATE to radiotherapy and hadrontherapy.


VIP/GATE-Lab integrate image simulators of different modalities (ultrasound, PET, CT, MRI) and of cancer treatment processes (radiotherapy, protontherapy). Simulations can be launched on resources of the EGI computing grid.

Reconstruction ToolKit (RTK)

Open-source and cross-platform software for fast circular cone-beam CT reconstruction based on the Insight Toolkit (ITK).


Wavelet-based progressive compression of triangle meshes