gdcmGlobal.cxx File Reference

#include "gdcmGlobal.h"
#include "gdcmDebug.h"
#include "gdcmVR.h"
#include "gdcmTS.h"
#include "gdcmDictGroupName.h"
#include "gdcmDictSet.h"
#include "gdcmDicomDirElement.h"

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namespace  GDCM_NAME_SPACE


const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_UNKNOWN = "GDCM::Unknown"
 Those global string that are returned by reference everywhere in gdcm code used to be in gdcmCommon.h but due to a 'bug' in gcc/MacOSX you cannot have static initialization in a multithreaded environment since there is a lazy construction everything got skrew up somehow Therefore the actual initialization is done in a cxx file (avoid duplicated symbol), and an extern is used in gdcmCommon.h.
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_UNFOUND = "GDCM::Unfound"
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_BINLOADED = "GDCM::Binary data loaded"
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_NOTLOADED = "GDCM::NotLoaded"
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_UNREAD = "GDCM::UnRead"
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_NOTASCII = "GDCM::NotAscii"
const std::string GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_PIXELDATA = "GDCM::Pixel Data to be loaded"
const char GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GDCM_VRUNKNOWN [2] = {' ',' '}
 Global container.

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