Todo List

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::DataEntry::GetDSValue (std::vector< double > &valueVector)
rewrite the whole method, in order *not to use* std::string !

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::DataEntry::GetValue (const uint32_t &id) const
warn the user there was a problem !

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::DocEntrySet::GetDictEntry (uint16_t group, uint16_t elem)
store the DefaultPubDict somwhere, in order not to access the HTable every time ! --> Done!

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::Document::operator< (Document &document)
Find a trick to solve the pb (use RET fields ?)

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::DictSet::LoadDictFromFile (std::string const &fileName, DictKey const &name)
RemoveDict(name); when Dict already exist

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::DocEntry::WriteContent (std::ofstream *fp, FileType filetype, bool insideMetaElements)
allow skipping Shadow groups

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::Document::HandleOutOfGroup0002 (uint16_t &group, uint16_t &elem)
find a trick to warn user and stop processing

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::Document::LoadDocEntry (DocEntry *e, bool forceLoad=false)
: a method that *doesn't* load anything (maybe with MaxSizeLoadEntry=0 ?) + a ForceLoad call on the +/- 20 'usefull' fields Allow user to tell the fields he wants to ForceLoad during initial stage. Later, a GetString or GetBinArea will load the value from disk, if not loaded + a method that load *everything* that's not yet loaded

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::Document::ParseDES (DocEntrySet *set, long offset, long l_max, bool delim_mode)
FIXME : On 64 bits processors, tellg gives unexpected results after a while ? Probabely a bug in gdcm code somwhere (some memory erased ?)

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::Document::ReadNextDocEntry ()
: fixme If inside a supposed to be UN DataElement (but SQ according to a private dictionnary) there is some more supposed to be UN DataElements, it will probabely fail. --> find a -non time consuming- trick to store changeFromUN info at DataElement level, not at the Document level.

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::GetModality ()
throw error return value ??? specified <> unknown in our database

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::GetXSpacing ()
check the various SOP Class to get the Pixel Spacing at the proper location

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::GetXSpacing ()
find images to check if it *actually* works

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::GetYSpacing ()
check the various SOP Class to get the Pixel Spacing at the proper location

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::GetYSpacing ()
find images to check if it *actually* works

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::File::Write (std::string fileName, FileType filetype)
FIXME : Derma?.dcm does not have it...let's remove it ?!? JPRx

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::CheckMandatoryElements ()

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::CheckMandatoryElements ()
: find if there is a rule!

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::CheckWriteIntegrity ()
move all those 'protected' methods to 'private' since FileHelper is not derived in anything!

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::SetMandatoryEntry (uint16_t group, uint16_t elem, std::string value, const VRKey &vr=GDCM_VRUNKNOWN)
: what is it used for ? (FileHelper::SetMandatoryEntry)

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::Write (std::string const &fileName)
FIXME : JPEG may be either ExplicitVR or ImplicitVR

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::FileHelper::Write (std::string const &fileName)
the best trick would be *change* the recognition code but pb expected if user deals with, e.g. COMPLEX images

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::PixelReadConvert::ConvertYcBcRPlanesToRGBPixels ()
: find an example to see how 3rd dim and 4th dim work together

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::PixelReadConvert::ReadAndDecompress12BitsTo16Bits (std::ifstream *fp)
Fix the 3D, 4D pb

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::PixelReadConvert::ReadAndDecompress12BitsTo16Bits (std::ifstream *fp)
JPR Troubles expected on Big-Endian processors ?

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::RLEFramesInfo::Print (std::ostream &os=stdcout, std::string indent="")
: find an example, to know haow 3rd and 4th dimension works together

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::SerieHelper::AddFile (File *header)
: decide which one is wrong (the method, or the commentary)! the following comment doesn't match the method :-( User is supposed to know the files he want to deal with and consider them they belong to the same Serie (even if their Serie UID is different) user will probabely OrderFileList() this list (actually, ordering user choosen gdm::File is the sole interest of this method) Moreover, using vtkGdcmReader::SetCoherentFileList() will avoid vtkGdcmReader parsing twice the same files. *no* coherence check is performed, but those specified by SerieHelper::AddRestriction()

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::SerieHelper::AddFileName (std::string const &filename)
should return bool or throw error ?

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::SerieHelper::AddRestriction (TagKey const &key, std::string const &value, int op)
find a trick to allow user to say if he wants the Rectrictions to be *ored* (and not only *anded*)

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::SerieHelper::AddRestriction (TagKey const &key)
: find a trick to allow user to say the restrictions are ored (not only anded) ex : keep the images whose SerieNumber is 101 or 102 or 103.

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::SerieHelper::CreateUserDefinedFileIdentifier (File *inFile)
check the behaviour when there are >0 and <0 numbers

Member vtkGdcmReader::SetUserFunction (VOID_FUNCTION_PUINT8_PFILE_POINTER userFunc)
fix possible problems around VTK pipelining

FIXME : an encapsulated JPEG file may be either ExplicitVR or ImplicitVR, right?

Member GDCM_NAME_SPACE::GetMacAddrSys (unsigned char *addr)
FIXME I wish we don't pollute command line applications when no Ethernet cable !

Member SetImageInformation
: Spacing Between Slices is meaningfull ONLY for CT an MR modality We should perform some checkings before forcing the Entry creation

Member SetImageInformation
: Image Position Patient is meaningfull ONLY for CT an MR modality We should perform some checkings before forcing the Entry creation

Member main
: fix stupid generated image names (later : JPRx)

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