European and French granted projects

* Guy Courbebaisse has been member of the Management Committee and a Work Group Leader for the COST P19 action [2006 - 2011].
-European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Final report of the COST P19 action (pdf)

* Guy Courbebaisse has been the PI and the Scientific Coordinator of the Collaborative Project THROMBUS - FP7-ICT-2009 -6- 269966 - VPH [2011 - 2014].
-THROMBUS Project - A quantitative model of thrombosis in intracranial aneurysms.

Final report of THROMBUS (pdf)

* Guy Courbebaisse, visiting researcher at EMSE since 2016, involved himself in the ANR-15-CE19-0002 project LBSMI (PI L.Navarro /ENSMSE-CIS /Challenge: Life, health & well-being) as CREATIS partner [2015 - 2021].
Agence Nationale de la Recherche - French National Research Agency