Thomas Grenier

USPIOs quantification in brain mice 2D MR images by default field deconvolution

by on Jun.27, 2011, under Research, Restoration

cerveaucoupe3TE5 by D. Charpigny, J-C. Brisset, T. Grenier, M. Wiart, and H. Benoit-Cattin

UltraSmall SuperParamagnetic Iron Oxide (USPIO) particles are used in MRI contrast agents for diagnosing different pathologies such as stroke and cancer. Determining the concentration of USPIO in MRI is of great interest. Here we present a non invasive quantification process of the USPIOs’ concentration from MR images based on the physical effect of these nanoparticles induced by the difference of magnetic susceptibility. pdf (149kB)

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