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In order to participate to the challenge the following steps should be done:

- the participants can  access the data and the material of the challenge on this website. This will allow them to start working with the data.

- as soon as the platform opens, participant must create an account. If not done previously on this website, they can access the data and the material of the challenge. They can also start to upload their results.

- an abstract must be submitted to before 01/06/2016. The abstract, limited to one page, should describe shortly the method, highlight its specificities and clearly point to previous publications. First results must be included using all challenge datasets made available either on this webpage or on the platform. An already published method is worth beeing included in the competition. Acceptance to participate to the challenge will be based on these abstracts.

- acceptance will be notified before 15/06/2016.

- accepted participants will be able to upload their (hopefully improved) results in the challenge platform until the 10/09/2016/ After this date the platform will be closed.

- accepted participants are allowed and encouraged to submit an extended abstract of up to 3 pages following the IEEE proceeding template to appear in the IEEE IUS 2016 proceedings. These extended abstracts will be reviewed by the organizers.

Important note:

The challenge is part of the IUS conference but will run in parallel to the technical program. Challengers are also stimulated to submit an abstract to the conventional track of the IEEE IUS. If they do so, they should submit this as a poster presentation.