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Since the organization of such a challenge is something new in the community it probably worths to have a number of scientific communications linked to it. As part of the 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, participants will have the possibility to submit a conference paper to be published in the IUS proceedings. The organizers also intend to submit a full paper to the IEEE Transactions on UFFC describing the challenge and the global results. These different publications are described hereunder.

Abstract submission

In order to participate to the challenge, participants must submit an abstract directly to the organizers (see participation section on this website).

IEEE IUS proceeding

After the conference, participants will be invited and encouraged to submit an extended description of their method. These papers will be reviewed by the organizers and included in the proceedings of the IEEE IUS 2016 conference. These papers should have a maximum number of 4 pages and should be limited as much as possible to 3 pages using the IEEE IUS template. A complete description of the participants method including the final settings is expected as well as a focus on their results.

Journal paper in IEEE TUFFC

After the challenge, the organizers plan to write a full paper for the IEEE UFFC Transactions. This paper will describe the challenge, its scope and purpose, a short description of the participants methods, a description of the result, as well as a global discussion. The participants of the challenge will of course be co-authors of this paper. In order to maintain the number of co-authors to a reasonable number, a maximum of 2 to 3 co-authors per accepted abstract will be co-authors of the journal paper.