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The resolution will be evaluated as the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the Point Spread Function (PSF) in the axial and lateral directions. The figures bellow display two images reconstructed from the simulated and experimental phantoms used to assess this metric.


For both the simulation and the experimental phantom,  the average values of the axial and lateral resolutions are computed from all the scatterers present in the reconstructed medium. This leads to four intermediate measurments.

For each of the four measurements described above, a dedicated number of points will be allocated as follows. The number of points attributed to each measurement will be computed according to the current ranking R reached by the participant among the total number of participants NB as:

As a result, the participant who gets the best result for a specific measurement will obtained 100 points, while the participant who gets the worst result will obtain 0 point.

The final number of points attributed for the resolution metric will correspond to the average number of points received by a participant from the four measurements described above.