inTag : Cardiac MRI tagging analysis toolbox - Features

Key Features
-fully integrated within OsiriX as a plugin
-handle all kind of MR tagging sequences with grid or line tag patterns, short-axis and long-axis image orientations
-minimized user interactions
Image processing steps
-initial user input limited to specify the tag pattern, tag/slice orientation, and approximate ES phase.
automatic extraction of a motion field
-user- validation of a computed initial mask of the contour
automatic endocardial and epicardial contouring
-user-defined number of layers (endo-, mid-, epicardial) and sectors of myocardium to match AHA segmentation or user-defined needs

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Simultaneous processing of:
-multiple slice levels
-multiple orientations

Results Display
-2D strain calculations displayed as parametric maps, polar maps, single or interactive multi-box plots, with image fusion capabilities within OsiriX windows.
-Motion and deformation parameters: circumferential/radial strain, principal strains, motion magnitude, angle.
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Saving results
-analysis can be saved in an encapsulated DICOM file (auto-saving option)
-auto-loading capabilities of previous InTag analysis within OsiriX
-displays and results can be saved in dicom or .png, .tif, .jpg, pdf images, quicktime movies, or exported in .xls files