Assistant Professor

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Associate Professor at the department of Telecommunications of the National Institute of Applied Science in Lyon (France) which is part of the Université de Lyon.
Member of the Centre de Recherche en Acquisition et Traitement de l'Image pour la Santé (CREATIS, CNRS UMR 5220 – INSERM U1044).


  • 2012 - Habilitation to Supervise Research, University C. Bernard Lyon I and INSA Lyon (11/26/12)
    "Integration of multidimensional and heterogeneous data in medical imaging: contributions in fusion, filtering, and segmentation"
    President: F. Peyrin; Reviewers: P. Bolon, M. Garreau, F. Truchetet.
  • 1996 - PhD, University of Saint-Etienne, Image Specialty (11/25/96)
    With highest honors. LISA Laboratory of ICPI / CPE Lyon.
    "Two-dimensional and three-dimensional segmentation methods applied to odontological and biomedical imaging"
    President: M. Druetta; Reviewers: P. Bonton, P. Bolon.
  • 1993 - Engineering Degree in Physics-Electronics, Image Option, ICPI Lyon.

Professional Positions

  • 2020-2023 - Head of Internships for 4TC and 5TC, INSA Lyon, Department of Telecommunications.
  • 2017-2023 - Director of the Apprenticeship Program, Department of Telecommunications.
    Deputy Director of the Telecommunications Department.
    Associate Professor, INSA Lyon, Department of Telecommunications, CITI.
  • 2016-17 - Co-direction of the Apprenticeship Program, Department of Telecommunications.
  • 2015-17 - Responsible for the studies of the TC apprenticeship program.
    Assistant Professor, section 61, INSA Lyon, Department of Telecommunications, CITI.
  • 2013-15 - Secondment to secondary education as an Aggregated Mathematics Teacher. Grenoble Academy; George Sand Middle School in La Motte-Servolex; Le Calloud Middle School in La Tour du Pin.
  • 2000-13 - Assistant Professor, section 61, INSA Lyon, Department of Telecommunications, CREATIS.
  • 1999-00 - Temporary Lecturer and Researcher (ATER), University of Grenoble II, IUT Valence, Department of Computer Science, Industrial Systems Computing Option.
  • 1998-99 - Temporary Lecturer and Researcher (ATER), INSA Lyon, Department of Electrical Engineering.


I am a teacher in the technical field of Communication Systems and a researcher in medical image processing.

For a span of eight years, I served as the manager of the apprenticeship program within the Telecommunications department.
Additionally, I held a three-year responsibility for managing the internship program for students in their fourth and fifth years of engineering studies.

I am back in research with a strong desire to contribute to the advancement of deep learning in brain imaging, particularly in segmentation and the identification of physiological markers.