Co-Leader of the EEEA Licence

Since September 2019, I am co-leading the EEEA license in the GEP department.It consists in supervising the year preparation and execution, the following of the students, the recruitment of the students, and the pedagogy improvement of our education. Each year, a total of ~140 students (L2 and L3 combined) are registered in the License.


I am mainly doing computer science teaching (C, C++ and ASM programming), Signal processing and Industrial computing.

Implication in the organisation of scientific events

  • UFFC Summer School (2019, April 22th-26th), Ultrasound motion imaging, Simulations & Phantom experimentations
    Public: 30 participants
  • EEA Club scientific day (2018, Mars 20th), Neural network
    Public: 70 participants
  • International scientific seminar (2017, December), 2017 Workshop on Cardiovascular Applications of Medical Ultrasound Imaging
    Public: 5 international researchers
  • OPUS summer school (ITN OILTEBIA) (2016, June 29th - July 1st), OPtical and UltraSound imaging - Innovative Multiphysic coupling for biomedical imaging
    Public: 50 participants, 16 invited presentations
  • PRIMES summer school (2015, July 6th to 10th), Physics for medical imaging and simulation
    Public: 30 PhD students
  • EEA Club symposium (2015, May 28th - 29th), EEA and bioengineering
    Public: 150 participants