This page will present the various PhD students I supervised or co-supervised and the Grants in which I was implied (PI or researcher).

On-going PhD students

  • Raphael DUMAS (since 10/2021), 3D Ultrasound Imaging of the cardiac structure and vascularization
    PhD grant: MEGA doctoral school
  • Samaneh CHOUPANI (since 10/2020), Intravascular manometry by vector Doppler
    PhD grant: LabEx CeLyA
  • Audrey SIVADON (since 10/2019), 3D imaging of the ultrasound cavitation
    PhD grant: LabEx CeLyA
  • Zexian WANG (since 10/2018), A 3D multiscale synthetic model of biological tissue for virtual imaging
    PhD grant: 4 years CSC (China Scholarship Council) in the MetisLab scope

Past PhD students

  • Emeline TURQUIN (10/2016 - 09/2019), Tissular 3D ultrasound imaging for the local anisotropy measurement of the heart muscle
    PhD grant: LabEx PRIMES
  • Maxime POLICHETTI (10/2016 - 09/2019), Adaptive array processing for passive ultrasound imaging of cavitation
    PhD grant: LabEx CeLyA
  • Aneline DOLET (10/2015 - 10/2018), 3D multispectral photoacoustic imaging
    PhD grant: MEGA doctoral school
  • Paul BOULOS (10/2014 - 11/2017), 3D ultrasound imaging of the cavitation
    PhD grant: LabEx CeLyA
  • Mohammad AZIZIAN (01/2014 - 04/2017), Development of optical/ultrasound instrumentation and methods for photoacoustic functional imaging
    PhD grant: Marie Curie ITN, OILTEBIA project
  • Maëva VALLET (10/2012 - 09/2015), Photoacoustic imaging of deep biological tissues
    PhD grant: LabEx CeLyA & PRIMES  

On-going research grants

  • WP1-WP3-WP4 France Life Imaging (2022-2023), nanoAgents: New photothermal therapeutic nano-agents for multi-spectral in vivo photoacoustic imaging
    Role: PI
    Partner: Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes
  • PhD labelisation of for the EUR MANUTECH SLEIGHT, Ultrasound manometry.
    Role: PI
    Partner: LabTAU.
  • Region project (FRI Cluster 2) (2019-2022), Acoustic and photoacoustic imaging of the meniscus microvascularisation
    Role: scientific leader for Creatis
    Partners: Cart'Image Medical, LiPhy, Grenoble CHU, and ACS Biotech.

Past research grants

  • WP4 France Life Imaging (2018-2019), Anisotropy imaging of the cardiac muscle
    Role: PI
    Partner: Institut Langevin
  • Nvidia GPU grant (2018), Ultrafast 3D ultrasound volume reconstruction
    Role: PI
  • PEPS young researcher (2015), Multispectral photoacoustic imaging
    Role: PI
  • ITN OILTEBIA (2012-2018), Optical Imaging and Laser TEchniques for BIomedical Applications
    Role: researcher
    Partners: website
  • PEPS instrumentation aux limites (2014), X-acoustic signals quantification
    Role: researcher

Other grants

I obtained various grants for different human resources as PhD students, master students or project engineer.