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MAGICS: NMR and Optics, From Measure to Biomarker

MAGICS Team for MAGnetic resonance and optICS: from measure to biomarker


Our goal is to develop new ways of measuring MR and optics based indirect parameters and to search for new biomarkers in a rapid, robust, reproducible and reliable way while handling physiological movements. The biomarkers are sought to come from mechanical, biochemical or structural properties of tissues under investigation. Our aspirations are to combine the physics-based innovations behind the creation of mechanical, biochemical or structural information, from the point of view of acquisition strategies or instrumentation and anchor developments in clinical practice. Our scientific objectives can be summed up in 4 main points: 1) Going from the proof of concept realized in the previous five years to the application on prelinical and clinical studies 2) Generating and labeling the physics behind imaging data in order to integrate radiomic and deep learning approaches. This scientific objective will be made in close collaboration with Team MYRIAD. 3) Pursuing upstream developments in acquisition or instrumentation.4) supporting typical projects from the team which federate several researchers of the team (Endoluminal MR/optic) or the unit (transversal project TipTop, IDM4, Tumor-ID, MUSIC). Our team has experience and knowledge in many applied magnetic resonance aspects going from theory of MR physics to medical validation and applications. Bolstered by its experience and taking into account that Magnetic Resonance is a modality that often plays a central role for many biomedical imaging investigations, our team members are involved in most of transversal, inter-team projects.

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