Principal Applicant

ULHYB: Ultrafast Hyperspectral Imaging for Biomedical Optics
ANR PRC, €400k, 3 partners
Jan. 2023-Dec. 2026

ARMONI: Fast single-pixel biomedical imaging
Young researcher grant, ANR JCJC, €280k
Oct. 2017-Sept. 2021

Material decomposition methods for spectral CT
Call for PhD grant, Labex Primes, €100k
Oct. 2016-Sept. 2019

MONOPIX+: Novel technologies for single-pixel imaging
Call for innovative instrumentation, CNRS, €15k, 2 partners
Mar. 2017-Dec. 2017

Developping new compression methods for single-pixel cameras
Call for PhD grant, UFI-Vinci chapitre III, €100k, 2 partners
Oct. 2014-Sept. 2017

Material decomposition methods for the PIXSCAN-FLI
Amorce de collaboration, FLI WP4, €13k, 2 partners
Oct. 2015-Sept. 2017


SPCCT: Spectral Photon Counting CT
Personalising health and care, H2020, €6.4M, 11 partners
Jan. 2016-Dec. 2018

RTprocessing: Real-time processing for intraoperative optical imaging
Amorce de collaboration, FLI WP3, €12k, 2 partners
Oct. 2015-Sept. 2017

SPEPIX: Small-pixel spectroscopy for X-ray imaging
ANR, €600k, 4 partners
Jan. 2013-Jul. 2015