C. Lartizien                CNRS Research Director

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Research interest

I am a CNRS Research Director (section 7). I am conducting research at the CREATIS laboratory in Lyon, France, whose aim is to develop image processing methods for medical imaging.

My current research interests focus on machine learning methods for medical image analysis. The clinical applications concern the prototyping of diagnosis and prognosis models for cancer and brain pathology based on multimodality medical imaging.


[2019-11-01] Daria Zotova was hired as a PhD student on the TADALOT and ANR IMAGINA projects to develop efficient strategies to fuse multimodality neuroimaging data for deep predictive modeling with small data

[2019-01-03] Audrey Duran was hired as a PhD student on the PERFUSE RHU ANR project to design deep models for prostate cancer mapping.

[2019-01-03] Zaruhi Alaverdyan defended her PhD thesis on Unsupervised representation learning for anomaly detection on neuroimaging

[2018-12-01] Kick-off meeting of the ANR project entitled IMAGINA

[2017-12-01] Kick-off meeting of the ANR RHU project entitled PERFUSE

New publications

[2020-07-01] : Please have a look at our two accepted papers at the 2020 MIDL conference on deep attention models for prostate segmentation in mp-MRI [Duran, MIDL 2020] and punctuate white matter lesions in 3D cranial ultrasonography of premature neonates [Erbacher, MIDL 2020].

[2020-01-01] : Our paper on unsupervised brain anomaly detection in multiparametric MRI based on siamese networks has been published in Medical Image Analysis. Please have a look here.

[2017-07-01] : Our paper on the generalization of the SVDD algorithm has been published in Neurocomputing. Please have a look here.