Codes corresponding to some of my articles.

  • T-Play: Tracking Platform for multi modal Augmented realitY
  • Poisson image deconvolution with a Plug&Play ADMM algorithm embedding a quantum mechanics-based denoisermatlab pdf
  • Signal and image denoising inspired from quantum mechanicsmatlab pdf
  • Blood flow estimation in ultrafast ultrasound imaging with blind deconvolution and robust principal component analysismatlab pdf
  • Fast 3D super-resolution with l2-norm and TV regularizationmatlab pdf
  • Line artefact quantification in lung ultrasound (LUS), using a non-convex regularisation problem involving a sparsity-enforcing, Cauchy-based penalty function, and the inverse Radon transformmatlab pdf
  • MRI-ultrasound image fusion methodmatlab pdf
  • Ultrasound image deconvolutionmatlab pdf
  • Joint MRI sequence reconstruction from compressed measurements and optical flow estimation matlab pdf
  • Deep learning-based super-resolution applied to dental CBCTmatlab pdf
  • Tensor-based 3D image super-resolution matlab pdf
  • Cardiac motion estimation in echocardiography using dictionary learning matlab pdf
  • Compressive deconvolution reconstruction matlab pdfpdf
  • Fast single image super-resolution matlab pdf
  • Bayesian image restoration and segmentation matlab pdf
  • Affine phase-based motion estimator matlab pdf
  • Multiscale monogenic optical flow matlab pdf